Monday, July 5, 2010

Questions answered!

well I'm trying to send pictures so this letter will be more of an answer question and if I have time a story letter.
Is this week a week off or on the thrown? Well i have no idea what this question means but i have been working hard with a lot of different people!
Does the town you are in one that has grocery stores and modern type stores, or is it like markets with meat hanging out and chickens running around? Well there are actual stores in Santiago, but I am no longer there I am in San Isidro with Elder Quispe as my new companion!
Have you found anyone to alter your pants so that they fit? no not as of yet probably this week
Dad was wondering if you have a mamasita to do your laundry and cooking?
Do your "helpers" know how to alter clothes? Yes we have a variety of people helping us every lunch and dinner is with a pensionista and breakfast and weekends we are on our own either eating with members or by ourselves, we have separate people for our clothes but I'm not sure if they know how to alter clothes!
Which of us is right?
MOM of course i simply forgot the camera in our apartment
Has everything worked out?
How are things going?
Everything has worked out my companion Elder Rodas had a friend from his ward in the mission and they are now companions during this hard time in Santiago!
How is the family you challenged to baptism?
How soon will they be baptized?
I'm not entirely sure because I'm not in that area and couldn't follow up with them but i think they are doing great! and they are supposed to be baptised this Saturday!
Are they pretty kind for the most part to the elders? most people are very nice and others not so much people vary here as much as in the united states
Do you knock on doors and tract?
Do you have many referrals or not?
we haven`t knocked doors yet we are always working with members and contacting in the street because everyone is outside here!
What do they think about your fair complexion and red hair?
Do you get any second looks?
of course i have even been bowed down to and worshiped like a king and let me tell you that was awkward but I'm pretty sure they guy was drunk so not sure if that will ever happen again!
Is there anything you need other than our prayers?
Well here it is freezing at night but we just found a new apartment that is warm so no prayers are all i need! oh no its not i just remembered! the rules for music in this mission are MOTAB AND CLASSICAL HYMNS so all the great instrumental variations of hymns and motab (English and Spanish if possible) would be beyond amazing every apartment has a cd player so send me cds if you can! LOVE YOU but prayers are more important than music they are a lot more helpful!
I'm going to send this one and write a story in another just in case time runs out!