Saturday, April 10, 2010

First letter Home!

Sorry I haven't written yet, usually there is a first day orientation email thing, but somehow we were unable to do that because of recent changes at the MTC. Everything is wonderful right now, my companion is Elder Marsden, mars like the planet den like the lion den. He is amazing, we get along like two peas in a pod I really couldn't have asked for a better companion. The first two days were full of gaps because of the changes and no one knew what to do with us, but it gave us plenty of time to bond as a district. My Pday is Mondays which is awesome. The food it ummmm adaquate, not great and very starchy, i find myself sticking to a lot of fruit and vegetables. I had a good nights sleep surprisingly but the days have been long. I have felt like the MTC is like efy, but on steroids, I have been very blessed to feel an outpouring of the spirit in my life. I was made senior companion for the next nine days and then me and my companion switch. Our departure date says Apr 28 which is awesome i keep hearing from everyone that we are so blessed to be able to go to the Peru MTC, oh btw Elder Marsden is going to the Peru Lima East mission. Ummmm I am remebering things i had completely forgot in spanish and i am learning how to pray, we pray as a companionship in spanish and sometimes it takes us five minutes to say some of the most basic prayers, with a cheat sheet, but i can feel the spirit every time we pray, i have worn my suit every day since entering, because we have had so many meetings with the branch president and devotionals it almost doesn't make it worth it to wear anything but a suit coat. I know i am where i am supposed to be i have felt the love of my savior jesus christ and i can feel his love for the people of Peru already, i know i would do anything for my companion, or anything to serve the lord, i can only hope that i feel this spiritual high for the rest of my life through serving the lord, i know this might be going up on my blog and so i want to start with bearing my testimony, that way i can see the difference between the start and end of my mission. I know that my redeember lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he truly suffered in the garden and died on the cross and was resurrected for me personally and for all of the other inhabitabnts of the world before and after him, i have felt of his deep love for all of his brothers and sisters and of our heavenly fathers deep love for his children, i am truly blessed for the feelings of the spirit given to me and my ability to learn spanish i know that it would be next to impossible with out him. I know that The atonement of jesus christ is real and that through that anyone can return to live with him no matter how far we have sunk we can rise up with him, for he has decended below all things.  Got to go just want to let you guys know i love you! Great job Mar 10'6'' is amazing love hearng from you give my best to everyone.