Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Language can be tricky!

It has been an awesome experiance here in the CCM (Mtc) Me and my companion are going to the peru mtc together on APR 28 along with a sist3er missionary from our district. Oh right now in our district there nd two tripanionships one sisters and one elders, but its awesome, i have been able to see scott bothwell all week he is in my zone so we were able to talk and get reaquainted, he also spoke in spanish on sunday then preformed a musical number tell his momn that his is doing good and that he definately knows enough spanish to survive and that (ahh i cant think in inglish) as long as he is doing what he is supposed to he will be great.

umm i have seen a ton of people actually, i have seen ashley because we came in on the same day we kinda got lumped together i have also seen people like ryan hatfield and Josh oster ( he was in the mtc fireside byu mens chorus) oh aparently i am say alot of suff that sound like other stuff now that ia ma developng a spanish accent, like on friday? we were in class and i asked the teacher "where can we find abish in the escrituras?" and the tripanionship of elder start laughing i didn;t get it so i just ignored them, but the next day saturday they explained that when i had said that i had said it with an accent and it sounded like i said "where can you find a B**** in the escrituras?" well i laughed my self to tears at that but appaently it is a common occurance for me to say stuff and people to hear somthing completely different.

How is everyone doing? i haven't heard anything bad so i guess thats good! um my companion is from utah, but a little bit of everywhere, he was born in az, and has lived in nebraska? but he is awesome.

the hermanas in our districto are mas fanatastico hermana Dekay (Duh ki) is from the philipinews inglish is her third language and she is learning spanish with english. She is tyhe hermana comming with us to peru she is going to ecuador, then hermana clark es muy intelehente she is moving to an advanced spanish program and will be leaving our district, then there is hermana budge who will become the solo sister in our districto when me and Marsden and dekay leave. I can't believe i habve already been gone for six days its way amazing. i am not sure how much has actually "changed" its just that no one tells anyone else what is going on. I would send you picture but i forgot the cord to look forward to next week.

Tell bishop that the MTC president has come out and said that no elders are allowed to wear pink ties in the CCM. I am very amazed aty how the lord is working im my life, i think that there is a very bg push right now at the mtc on what image we want to present.

umm i have been wearing my suit alot just because of meetings for the next two weeks we are here we will only be wearing them on sunday monday tuesday for sacrament, temple and meeting, other than that we just have to ddrees to match our companeo other than that i am good it is giving me the five minute warning!!!

I am doing awesome i have been studying and working hard and have truly felt the influence of the lord, we haven;t been forgotten he is always there with us we need only to look for him. My companero has spent some time in peru doing humanitarian services in peu and bolivia ... so i have been sking him many questions. tell all of the family i love to hear from them too!!! hasta!