Sunday, August 8, 2010

7/26/2010 Health not good, answered mom's questions.


OK i just realized how utterly depressing my letter was this week so i just want you guys to know that i am here mentally and physically and trying to get back to work and that i know i will be able to make it and if not it won't be because i couldn't or didn't have the faith to be healed but because the lord has willed it to be so, I love you so very very much Elder Tyler Jesse King your favorite currently serving son.

thank you for the help on the money issue it is a huge comfort to know that i have people at home trying to help! LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH
Was that a resort or something? Yeah its really just a tourist trap but it really is cool

how is the exchange rate? 1 us dollar is 2.87 soles
Was your companion in the same boat with the money situation or had he figured it out and just not told you? well yes and no the whole money thing i screwy here and he thought that i knew and didn't think to go over it with me
Is that easier than typing letters or just faster? both
How is the health this week? Are you getting used to the bacteria yet? Do you think it is from the food or the water?
i am really sick right now the whole diereah vomiting fever it is progressively getting worse week to week, this week i have a rash that is covering every square inch of my body. i called the office and talked with them and asked if this is the normal thing for greeengos and he responded very doubtfully but didn't say more than its possible, well needless to say I'm a little bit frustrated, at first the illness was awful then i made it into a joke then it really became annoying and then it has really developed into the i really cant put up with being sick like this for much longer stage i mean six weeks of constantly being sick and being bed ridden for one or two days every week has really brought me to the edge, if i didn't know this is where the lord wanted me i really would be tempted to,,,,(idk ask for a change in mission i guess)

all i know is that it is some kind of infection in my intestines that really has responded to medication but has come back stronger every week and my body id doing everything to try and get rid of it flushing it out with diereah and vomiting,  burning it with fever, and now trying to move it to my lymph nodes where I'm now breaking out in rash.

How far away are those sand dunes from where you live? about 15 minutes

How is the teaching coming?  great we had a lot of success this week we were able to make a lot of progress with one of our investigator and her daughter.

Do you think you will be in this area a while? I hope so its really nice

How is the weather now? the same sunny and hot at about 3 and freezing cold at night

How cold does it get? no idea... very

Did you ever receive your package and how much money is American dollars did it cost for you to get the package?.    just got it this week and about 7$ in us I'm looking forward to opening it and thank you

OK the fruit is really interesting it looks kind of like an orange but the peel has more of the consistency of an egg and your really have to crack it and peel it. then inside it the skin and inside that is a bunch of seeds that look like fish eggs and you kind of just suck the seeds out of the skin. it has an interesting flavor i really don't know how to describe it but it is good i don't remember the name of the fruit right now.

ummm and otro fotos de mi comapaƱero y yo.


Did you get the package we sent? NO! What kind of condition was it in and was it all in tact? necesito paciencia
How is the stomach? Do you think you will be having the runs your whole mission? Are you learning to live with it, or does it come and go? The stomach is good (for now) and probably yes and no it really does come and go, everyone here says you really just have to let your body get used to it before it feels normal and i think i am pretty much there!

So you enjoyed that huh? yeah it was pretty fun being in a leadership position, but i also like being a normal missionary!

So have you participated in any baptisms? Yes(ish) i have not baptized anyone but i have been the witness at another missionaries baptism!

Were any of them baptized? Yes! Jesus (the little boy) was and he was in reality happy and ready for this and since he isn`t my area anymore elder Rodas had that awesome pleasure!

How many times do they need to go to church before you can challenge them to baptism? Several, but at least twice, the thing is retention is really bad and because of that the ward members have become slightly frigid towards new people and so it is really important to find a friend in the ward before baptism which is why it is several. What are the requirements down there to be baptized? pretty sure its the same everywhere in the world ask shan for the baptismal interview questions!

Have you had the opportunity to give any blessings? oh yeah we give a ton of blessings down here i think that i haven`t gone a week without giving two or three or five!

How is the food? What do you eat mostly? Is it like the CCM, chicken and rice? Do you have to do your own shopping or does someone do that for you? yeah there is a lt of chicken and rice bc those are the main staples of their diet but they never cease to amaze with all the different varieties they can create with those two types.

Is it a better part of town? How did you find it? How far away is the church building? it is the same part of town only thee blocks away but it really is in a nicer part of town the safe zone, and it is only one block away from the church instead of two.

Does anyone ride bikes, or would they just get stolen? none of the missionaries no, but i have seen some of the people here have bikes and they guard them zealously.

The Hopefully that will improve a little with the new apartment? Is it cold during the day? Where do you get your blankets? How is the electricity thing down there? yes everything has really improved with the new apartment, and i found a polar blanket which has imroved my life dramatically and oh our apartment has hot water whenever we want and electricity when we need, it is a place where a spoiled North American like me can live very comfortably ;)

Lance O entered the MTC this week, shouldn't Daniel be going soon? Pienso, oh you definitely need to me all of lance's letters!

Hopefully you will have a little more time on line! BTW, how much time do you get anyway? one hour! woot woot

What is your zone doing today? BARBQ!

How many are in your zone, any other North American missionaries? 14 missionaries and 3 north Americans!

ok lots of questions and sorry i don`t have very many picture of sand boarding but i made a cd of all of my pictures and am sending one copy to you guys to enjoy so when you get it put them all on photo bucket and make a slide show for the blog. but i think Tate and Marlee will forgive me fastest! BTW how did they like this i think that this could definitely speed u some of the communication!