Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things looking up this week! New mission strategy.

Our letter this week from Tyler was more of an answer mom's questions......not really a letter, so here it is. We are still happy to hear from him and next week I'll ask fewer questions!! 

Ok, so first of all, how are you feeling this week? I am doing a lot better i actually haven't been sick for the last week and i think that i have figured out why...

Have you talked to the mission president? Yes i have been talking with him ever since day one of that deathly ill part of my mission but we have been blessed soo much!

Is there someone you can go to for a health check up? Not really it is more like a phone check up with the doctor of the mission or the presidents wife and they tell us what to get from the pharmacy

Thank you soo much for the fast it really has been answered by the lord and thank you for the prayers we have been blessed with two golden investigators.

That's awesome to hear about Lance and Daniel maybe you should pass this along to Lance but there is a missionary here in Inca who was called to Argentina and has served a full year of his mission in Peru!

Have you tried out your debit card? Did it work? Yes and i was able to see the balance on the card even though i didn't take anything out so thank you for getting that straightened out for me!

AHHHH DEC 18 AHHHHH oh that is sooo exciting! oh man wooot wooot wooot! HAHAHAHAH I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to hear about everyone else too but you know i would like to hear from them.

Was your package all in tact? Had it been opened? No IT WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION and Thank you so much for the package i really loved the trail mix the one with coconut that was amazing they don't have stuff like that here but what i liked most of all was the pictures i cant tell you how amazing it was to get pictures!

Who is your companion now? Is this the week of transfers? Will you be staying in this area or leaving? no Elder Quispe hasta que el fin de la mes (until the end of the month because that is when we have transfers!) btw huge changes in the mission new version of preach my gospel and lots of changes in the mission in how we are to work with members apparently we aren't supposed to find people anymore the ward members now have that responsibility!