Sunday, August 29, 2010

LOVING LIFE LOVING MY MISSION and looking forward to hearing from home and yeah....... LOVE

How is the teaching coming this week? The teaching is coming along good we have been working really hard and trying to show forth that love to the people of the ward and our investigators, we have been really busy with baptismal interviews and i had the opportunity to baptize one of our investigators on Saturday Sandra Silvia Pellanne Bautista she is amazing one of our golden investigators (her husband is a returned missionary)

How is Galindo Quispe & her two kids, Heidi and Gerardo? Ok Eliza Galindo Quispe and her daughter Heidy and her nephew Gerrardo are doing good we have invited Eliza and Heidy to be baptized on the 4th and they have accepted! the only problem is that Gerrardo is only 12 years old and his mother doesn`t support his decision to be baptized and so we cant do anything accept work with her and she is never there (she works from 5am to 9pm) so we are praying for a miracle

What golden family took the place of your golden investigator? Vanessa Cortez and her Family Danilo(18m), Maverik(14m), Cherry(11f) and more...

How is the health? i Have actually been doing really good this week on the health front mainly because we have been without pension (kind of) and money issues (that's a story all of its own)

More good days then bad? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe you have lost 40 pounds! Holy cow!! Yeah me neither it is really weird when i see myself in the mirror but I'm happy and hope that i keep loosing weight but not at the expense of my health.

How are the feet? great not one problem yet! i have been watching carefully though and trimmed them very carefully about 3 times though

Are you wearing your retainers? Cough uh yeeeeeeah right about that....

Has the rash gone? YES and no... sometimes its there and sometimes its not but don't worry its not there very often.

It sounds like you are keeping very busy with splits and exchanges. How long do you think you will be in this area? I know Shannon served about 6 months in his first area. Is that normal in your mission also? I really have no idea, nothing is for sure in this mission and i have heard of people changing after 3 months and others staying for 9 nothing is normal but I'm not sure how much longer i will be here for two reasons one is i have felt over and over that I'm leaving and the other is a long story.

Have you read it through yet in Spanish? NO but i have read through 2 Nephi and understand pretty much everything soo eventually! but i have actually taken back to studying in English for two reasons 1 my companion says that the book of Mormon is written in Latin not in Spanish and 2 i get soooo much more out of my English scriptures but yeah i get your point and studying Spanish both passively and aggressively is key to success.

OK so i forgot my camera in our apartment so sorry but i cant send pictures this week and a special sorry to Marlee because she does have a letter there and now she is just waiting on me!

anyways story time

The story this week is more of the effects of the story last week.

1st and foremost we have big problems now and I'm not sure what to do about it. So i gave my talk, then we started showing forth an increase in love and working diligently but i guess we really offended the bishop big time or at least i did, i think he felt humiliated and now is bearing huge resentment towards me let me explain.
Before he was,  he made promises and never came through, now we can't get a hold of him and he is actively fighting against us. for example the keys to the chapel now have new rules (we don't have a set) that everyone who has a key cant lend it out so now if we want to teach someone at the chapel that person has to come with us which is hard because they have real lives to (we need the chapel to teach another golden investigator whose mother is antimormon) and the only people that have keys to the baptismal font are the bishop and his councilors and they haven't been to a baptism yet (the bishop is playing tennis) and it was only by pure luck that we found someone who had a key for Sandra's baptism)
don't get me wrong i love the ward the people the investigators and would gladly stay here for my full two years but i don't want to fight the Bishop and that's all he is wanting to do with us.

so that's where we are i have told my mission president and well we´ll see where things go!

other than that i have now had the opportunity to teach people by flashlight (they don't have electricity)

LOVING LIFE LOVING MY MISSION and looking forward to hearing from home and yeah....... LOVE