Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 11, 2011 Investigator Fireside

OK thanks for the questions, i love questions and now for a brief experience that i had not this last Friday but the one before. We were having exchanges with the district leader and i went to their area and we had a pretty good day we taught a lot of people and i was able to learn alot from our district leader, but right at the end of the day we were teaching a family and they asked us if we could give a blessing to their father (one of them is a member) and we said yes, so we went into the room where he was resting and saw him laying there in his bed, with a cathider tube and we asked them what it was that he had, and they told us prostrate cancer, and then we asked which of us would they like to do the first part (anointing) and which of us would do the second part (sealing-blessing) well they elected me to do the blessing and it was a wonderful experience, but for the first time in my life, i blessed him unto death.... can i say that? i blessed him that very soon he would be able to meet his savior and that he had the respect of his family and that he could go in peace. well when i took my hand off of him he looked like he was dead, but then he moved and we spoke some more with the family, then left, it wasn't until this last Tuesday did i find out that he had moved on. it is remarkable how the spirit can speak through us and help us to prepare people for what will happen. from this experience, now the wife of the man who died is now receiving the lessons and has a baptismal date, i know that our heavenly father lives and loves us that the plan of salvation is real and that by living the gospel of Jesus Christ we can live together as families for all of eternity.

other than that we had a hard week this week we only had like 14 lessons (we can normally get about 24) and so we are starting this new week with a fresh new mind and attitude. Yesterday night we had a sort of fireside type thing where everyone has a baptismal date and could make it came to this fireside and saw all the other people who were interested in learning the gospel, president manning spoke and afterwords we heard from a family who recently got baptized, the moms testimony of the book of Mormon was amazing and how it brought joy to her life and by the end she was inviting all the people there to be baptized because it would be the best decision of their lives! It was wonderful to hear the conversion story of this family and I'm sure it helped a lot of the investigators to feel more at ease and comfortable with the church and feel fellow shipped.
i love you guys and can´t wait to hear form you again next week, sounds like you all had a lot of fun in Texas, and whatshisbucket water park (could there be a harder name to remember how to spell) and well fear factor sounds really really gross, i don't even eat food like that, closest Ive come is head soup where you get a bowl of broth with a boiled sheep's head in it, or this other soup which has boiled chicken feet, yeah those are the worst, everything else is amazing, well except for olives. they call them matagringos or gringo killer. anyways sorry to hear Marlee put so much effort into that work to never get paid that really sucks! and dad I'm a pig don't worry. thanks for the advice and the stories keep them coming!

Mom´s Questions

How are things in Peru? awesome as always!
How are you feeling? good, tired and sore i have shin splints
Any issues with the digestive system? small issues nothing dramatic
How is the teaching coming? we had a hard week this week
Any other new contacts this week? yes mostly references but that's the best kind
Dad´s Questions
What new in Peru? new in Peru? well, just me :)
How was your week? doing great moving forward!
Marlee´s Questions
How are you feeling? happy, a little sore, how do you get rid of shin splints without ice or ice packs?
Was it overwhelming to just jump right back into the field or was it easier that way? hmm i like it better, just jumping in, but that's because i already had a lot of practice at being a missionary.
And is the language and stuff coming back easily? nice question, yeah i can pretty much understand everything i hear but its taking a while to speak still don't know why but still working at it
Tate´s Questions
this is top secret,do you know where the pictures with the people of the book I am planning on writing are? hmm if your talking about the letter you sent me it would be in a shoe box in my closet. seems like when I'm not around your brain needs the extra imaginary stimulation of writing a book!