Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 4, 2011 - Just a little smile!

This week has been very fun, very hard, and very interesting, hard because the people we were teaching to be baptized weren´t and we are still working with them but they have a lot of problems, so we've decided to give them a week or two and focus on finding other people who are ready to listen and apply.

We contacted a ton of people and had a lot of great lessons, but one in particular I've decided to tell you guys about, so we were walking down the street kind of bummed because all of our appointments fell through and right then and there i decided to never again walk the streets of Peru without smiling and my companion decided right then and there to push through and find new people, we were walking and some one said hello to us (that's actually a change) and so we started to talk with them, and they have been amazing ever since! his name is Nilton and he introduced us to his sister, who introduced us to her family...etc and it has opened up  many people who are really ready to listen and apply, in talking with Nilton he said that he started talking with us because he saw that i was smiling and he thought to himself, i would like to be able to walk and go and smile like that, not because i don't have problems but because i am with god. he now is going to get married (civilly) and he wants to be baptized and become a missionary just like us! we told him he could probably be a ward member missionary, and when he and his wife are 62 they cam submit their papers and leave on a mission just like us. he was so excited, he is a golden investigator he really takes the time to understand and reiterates or teaches us what we have taught him its really amazing. 
So its just a testimony to me that the lord works in mysterious way that when one door closes another opens, that he is always mindful of us and giving us what we need. when we need it. thanks for the prayers they really help and ill send a few your way. love you bye!

Quick Questions & Answers

How are you doing? Great!
Any news on the VISA? Yes-no i am currently on a tourist visa, until my missionary visa comes through.... missionary visa.... no info
How is the food? as great as i remembered, well almost, the food here in Lima doesn't taste as good as it does in the south where everything is grown
Do you have people cooking and cleaning for you in the city there or is that your responsibility? no we still have people cooking for us... well right now we´re changing between people so kind of and the cleaning is all our responsibility
How about Laundry? yes there are people here who do our laundry however here in Lima i have only seen the sun twice and it is super humid, and since the people who do our laundry don't have a dryer it takes most of the week to hang dry and even then everything is still wet.
Do you think you will be in this area for a while? hmm hard to say, from previous experience no, do i hope so yes
How is your apartment? good, small, zero hot water (were working on getting some) but for the most part its just a place to sleep and study, so we don't need very much.