Monday, September 5, 2011

2nd Transfer 5th Week....Faith Building Experiences & Open Hearts

OK this week was good we were able to have a lot of faith building experiences and open a lot of hearts to the gospel, this weekend we had the baptism of Michelle, she has been an investigator for about a year, and was always kind of loose about going, but she finally made the decision for herself that she needed to be baptized, it was amazing to hear her testimony after she was baptized because she has had a lot of opposition from her family and as she was investigating the church she found a place that was all her own and found out that she couldn't go with out it anymore because it had become something that she needed to have, and so she was baptized even though she was sick and even though the water was about 50 degrees, more like 40 according to my companion, they were in the water all of 1 minute and my companion said he couldn't feel his legs and they were both shaking! but it was a wonderful experience and hopefully it will help open up the hearts of her family (they were all present, except her father but he showed up for the confirmation the next day) other than that we have been working really hard to find new people to teach, and I'm starting to feel like if i don't baptize every week I'm not doing my job weird huh? i am so thankful for the many people that the lord has prepared to listen to us and for the opportunity that we are given every day to impact the lives of the people around us i know that my Redeemer lives! and that this is his gospel! and his church!
OK a few questions, marriage is hard, full of problems how do you grow together and not apart? how do you develop trust one with the other (we are trying to help a few investigators improve their marriage before they get legally married and baptized)
Thank you for all your help! and your love! sending prayers your way Tyler.
Dads questions
Hey what’s up dude? Not much today is p day and we had a baptism this weekend!
So how was your week? Its been great lot of work always busy but we are doing good this week
Moms Questions
Also, you had told us about Rene – he’s the one who has to wait a year before baptism because of drugs, right? yup that's him hes now working towards his baptismal date of DEC 17th
Do you think you will be staying there another transfer? you should know we don't know that, and well since I've never been in an area longer than 9 weeks being here almost 3 months and into a fourth makes me antsy
When are transfers? this Saturday!
Can you name them? Bednar, Christopherson, Cook, and Anderson, the first three were all during the same occasion.
I remember David Bednar when you were in Provo, Neil L. Anderson on your mission, and who are the other two? Christopherson, and Cook
Oh, yes and Elder Zwick! Does he count? Well if he does I have to add about four or five more to the list!