Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leadership may come - start preparing.....

OK so last Monday after writing you guys I went with e´ Roda's to the mission office so he could have an interview with President Manning, when he came out he asked if he could speak with me for a moment, well I instantly became nervous because I hadn't planned on having an interview and had no idea what to expect, so we went into his office and started talking and he took out his mission presidents handbook, and asked me to read the section about leaders and started talking with me about how the mission is very young and he needs missionaries that can inspire others to work hard and become better...etc, my brain was in shock, because well I didn't know what to think and I was... I think the word would be somewhere between stupefied and awestruck, but he finished by saying that very soon he would call me to be a leader and to prepare myself, and then we left well we were all expecting to receive the phone call telling e´Rodas that he was going to leave (President Manning told him he needed him in another area) and tell me I was called to be a leader, but thank goodness it didn't come, I'm here with elder Granda as co companion, but elder Perez our district leader said THAT'S ONLY FOR 6 WEEKS TO TEACH HIM THE AREA SO YOU CAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO BE A DISTRICT LEADER OR... ETC. so now we are all convinced that the next transfer is my time so we are going to work hard to get as many baptisms as possible between now and then.

Mom´s questions

Did you receive a transfer on Saturday? nope i get to stay here in Jose Galvez! A great companion, but a different one he is Elder Granda, Elder Rodas got transferred to another area about 15 minutes away in taxi.
Getting an ensign, impossible, the Spanish version is the liahona but they don't always have the same stories. because the liahona is like the merging of the ensign, and the friend, etc.
How is your health, do you need anything or want anything from the good ol USA? doing good with my health, nothing to report other than I'm probably going to need new clothes fairly soon.
Dad´s Questions
How do Tennis shoe? I have no idea what your trying to ask here.
What is new in Peru? not much the sun is coming out more and i saw the moon for the first time this week since being here, got a new companion Elder Granda from the same city as Elder Rodas.
That’s in about 1 ½ weeks now, right? (baptism: Joel) actually we moved up his baptismal date to this last Saturday and he was baptized and confirmed on Sunday, it was amazing (we changed the date because we had planed on having it the Saturday before a stake conference and so he would have had to wait a week to receive the holy ghost and so we moved it up to this week)
How is he doing? amazing he is now turning into a missionary giving references and opening up his family more and more.
How is his family doing? doing good, we haven't had the opportunity to sit down and teach all of them but all is well right now. 
Just to let you know Brother Palmer continues to get better, he is planning on returning to Peru in October sometime. Speaking of Health how is yours? great haven't been suffering of anything recently so that's good :)
Keeping everything in and down? yup haven't thrown up in weeks, diareah well that's just a normal thing now.