Sunday, September 25, 2011

God knows where he puts us......Spirit testifies anywhere, even a closet!

This week we have been doing really good we have had a lot of success in finding new people to teach and had some really interesting experiences. i have learned that god knows where he puts us and that he knows how to help his children in ways that we don't understand or comprehend, i have found out that Elder Granda is exactly what a few of our investigators needed to start progressing and opening up and it is really nothing different than it is elder Granda that said the right phrase at the right moment that opened them up and it has been awesome to to see that change that he has had on them.

We had an experience a little funny this week when we went to teach nefi and his friend/brother martin, well martin was a little embarrassed because he hadn't read what he was supposed to so as we were coming in he had hidden himself in the closet, well nefi (8 years old) ratted him out and said haha martin is hiding over there! so we walked over and looked trough the hole in the door and talked with him and he said that he didn't want to listen and well we were like OK well at least come out and talk with us about why not, well he didn't want to, so we went in, and talked with him in the closet and it was interesting to note that its not important whether we are teaching in a closet or at a table, the spirit testifies and gives us the words to speak, well after 5 min we left the closet and his family went in and brought him out and we talked with him at the table and he opened up and we started teaching and now he is a little more excited to learn, a good start to change his life don't you think? anyway i have started writing a journal you win or really my mission president won and ordered me to keep a journal, but that ok I'm finding out that it helps to keep track of my thoughts and feelings.
anyways sounds like you guys are super busy, tell mar I'm sorry about the jeep and her roommate but that just means mar needs to get home earlier! love you lots hope to hear from you soon!

Moms questions:

Do you remember your first boy scout camp out? to be completely honest no.

What has been one of the hardest things you have had to do since returning on your mission, and what did you learn from it? um, well that's a long story and well, it can be summed up in a few short statements, the hardest thing i have had to do this time around is finding out why in particular this mission, and what can i do to feel like I'm having real impact with the people, and what do i want to get from my mission. and what have i learned from this is true conversion and what it means to walk by faith, and finding that sometimes we can find our own purpose in what we need to do.

How long has Elder Granda been serving in the mission field? 14 months

Are you still working with your investigators that are working to be married? of course and they are going to be married we just don't know when, which creates a few problems with putting down a baptismal date.