Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another couple prepared to receive the gospel.

OK, so this week we found another person who had been prepared by God and really it is a couple, they had just recently gotten married (that is huge not very many people get married they just live together) and the wife (Jessica) was telling us that she felt that something was missing from her marriage and she said she thought that it was the fact that they just did it civilly and not religiously which let us go right into talking about how we can be sealed together forever in the temple and she just lit up, and since then she has been reading the book of mormon and sharing it with other people too! They are amazing and this next visit we are planning on asking her and her husband to be baptized and start their family off right. Thank you for all of your prayers and love and I'm sending you the same!
That is so amazing about all the stuff that has happened this week I'm so happy for Gino! oh and remember that in revelation it says when the seventh seal opens there is silence in the heavens for the space of half an hour, and in gods time that would be about 20 years so if it did open this week we have a little bit of time, i heard about a missionary hear that received his patriarchal blessing which says that he will live to see the savior come again, so it really cant be that far off.
Love Elder King!

Moms Question's

How are things going there? things are going great had an amazing week even though the numbers don't show it we had a lot of great experiences in teaching the people.
Any baptisms this week? no not this week and yes this week, it was the baptism of Nefi and it was a ward baptism that we helped with, the thing is his parents were baptised about 5 years ago, but no one knows where the records are and so they are looking for them, but if they cant find them, his parents may have to be re baptized. :) easy for us, not sure how they would take it though...
You mentioned you may new some clothes pretty soon, how soon and what kind of clothes? well in the next couple of weeks would be nice
Shirts, pants, underwear, shoes???? all of the above, I'm pretty sure I've lost about 30-40lbs maybe more and nothing really fits at all i put on my pants and feel like I'm Jared from subway but its not a huge emergency just something that everyone is noticing. also my super shoes are falling apart, not to the point that they are not usable just that half of one of the soles has come off. but i have my other pair so don't worry. :)
Is it cheaper for us to ship clothes or for you to buy there? oh it is soo much cheaper to buy stuff here for example i can get a suit for 150 soles which is like 75 dollars its just that if I'm going to  that i need to renew just about my entire wardrobe which might bring me into the 3 or 4 hundred dollar level which is more than I have on my card.
Are they wearing out or are they not fitting any more? no just not fitting, if i end up getting new stuff i will either keep all the stuff i have tucked away or donate it to the mission.
If not fitting, to big or to little?? way too big
How are Martin & Nefi? nefi is awesome he was baptized in Saturday and we are still working with martin, he is still super shy and doesn't always like to talk with us but he smiles alot more with us.
Do you pronounce that Nephi, like in the Book of Mormon? yes and no, nephi is how it is written and pronounced in English, nefi is how it is written and pronounced (nef ''e'')
Will you get to listen to General Conference live this weekend? yes
Where will you be while you listen if you get to? we will be able to watch it in the stake center
Do many of the members listen to conference or have the ability too? the only place you can see it is in the stake center or by Internet but not many people have computers and so i think there will be alot of people there, but more than anything every gets the liahona.