Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/17/10 Letter to Kim from Tyler - Pigs outside!

WOW that sounds interesting, i wonder why everything was going wrong. I am trying to take Job´s attitude with facing troubles like that. God doesn´t give us challenges so that he can sit back and laugh with amusement, no he loves us too much and he gives us challenges that way we have the opportunity to grow and become more Christlike. I know that i have had to really learn and understand how to bear all things with patience in this part of my mission and hope that i can be given the strength to continue on. OH i have had some interesting experiences. we were teaching this one family who are recent converts and they live in this woven bamboo hut and just outside is the pig pen. did you know how extremely loud pigs are? well we are talking to people the pigs are´belching´´ and they are talking softly and at the same time so naturally I'm not getting much out of it, but i did understand that this man has seen angels in his life and they are some pretty interesting stories. but the thing is i don´t know how much to believe. because you don´t really hear much of this in the US and i don´t know maybe it is culture these people really have nothing but family work and church, oh and TV and soccer. did you know most of the bamboo huts here have a TV for watching soccer it is way interesting, any ways I think maybe alot of them are real and that people in the US are simple too plugged in to really notice all of the miracles going on around them, i know that i have really seen the hand of god on my mission much more than before and i don´t know if it is the fact that i have unplugged myself or the fact that I'm a missionary and this is normal. anyways i love you so very very much and hope to hear from you soon! BTW have you had any challenging companions? what did you do? any great companions? why were they great? DEARELDER.COM me the answers! ADIOS! AMOR!