Sunday, June 20, 2010

May 26, 2010 New Companion in CCM from Bolivia

how are things in Peru? things are great.... Have i received any letters yet? no..... any recommendations right now? no... Have i been drinking the water? yes and no the ccm has clean water everywhere else does not. How did my follow ups go? didn´t have any. and my new companion well..... ok those are the short straight forward answers and i just wanted to tell you straight off because they have a new computer system that absolutely sucks can´t push enter right click or send home pictures and i was really looking forward to sending some cool pictures! oh well things have been great here in Peru i sent off Elder Tapuy and was a little sad but i know that he is ready to serve the people of Bolivia La Paz! We had one of the most amazing P-Days ever we were able to go on a tour of Lima and see a lot of historical sights as well as go to the beach and to the Inca mart which is basically three city blocks of straight up small street vender type stores, and McDonalds! No i haven´t received any of your letters yet it is taking a really long time and i feel bad because i think i lied to you, but i found out how to work the system really easy while i am here in Peru and it is through that apparently you write and they drop it off in the church pouch because they are right across the street from the CCM and they forward it to any church office building and then they deliver it to us, it is free from what i understand and if you right me i will get it not the next day but the following Friday whenever that is like if you right Monday it might come that Friday or the next it basically just skimms a couple days off of the top. but they apparently will all ways be able to find me through that and i will be changing addresses again shortly!!! I really can get my hands on anything if i really want to but it is all the Peru version so anything American would be nice. It was a really sad and a really long Saturday since we were the only 18 people in the entire ccm that had been there for more than three - four days we were unable to go proselyting, but this Saturday we are headed back to Callao! woot woot! i am so excited! Ok my new companion is Elder Tellez (tey yez) he is from Santa Cruz Bolivia and he is was cool. He really slurs all of his words to gether so he is next to impossible for anyone(North American) to understand and the other thing is he can´t understand me, all the other Latinos can just not him which frustrates me. oh well. oh he also has a lack of understanding of companions, this one time i was in the bathroom and when i came out he was gone, i checked all the classrooms went back to the bathroom to make sure he wasn´t there and then found him walking around outside. he had just decide to go off on his own, and again today when i got back from migrations i found him alone in the distributions center down here. i asked him where his companions were (he was in a trio) and he said that they had left. HELLO YOU HAVE TO GO WITH THEM! oh well this will be an interesting three weeks. other than that all is going well, i officially have been working out enough to get shin splits and have dropped a good couple of inches i wanted to send a picture of how baggy everything is but the program changed and the timer is back! ugh! oh well i know god is with me i just need to have patience and endure to the end of my 9week stay in the MTCs ugh! love you all hope to get some letters soon! oh this was a great letter btw but I'm serious about dear elder give it a shot!