Monday, June 21, 2010

Stomach of Iron needed!!!



and third of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIZ CUPLIANOS! just wanted to get this one out there because i hate giving late birthdays

OK yeah so here are your answers!

What kind of place do you live in?
we live in a nice apartment (in comparison to what i have seen) and i have really enjoyed being there, haha but i haven't really been there in like a week! oh i wish i could send pics but i dint have the opportunity all of this will be explained latter sorry!

How long were you sick from the food?
Well this will also be explained in my story, but i thinks that i felt good from wed until this morning!

How do you know what meat to eat and what not to eat?
Me, well i don't really i just know i cant eat anything that hasn't been properly cooked so from now on i always wait until after my companion takes a bite. :)

Has your companion been in this area?
Yes he has i think he has been here for the last transfer ( down here they are known as cambiars)

You said your toilet was broken? What does that mean, and do you actually have plumbing?
Yes we do have plumbing the toilet seat cracked in half and so the front part is annoying and occasionally the seat pinches!

When are we going to get some pictures?
siempre proxima semana! :) always next week! but again this will be explained latter!

Where do you go to email?
We come to this large computer/internet store there are probably thirty computer here and everyone from the zone comes and emails here at the same time!

How big is the ward/branch in that area?
In Santiago i think i counted about fifty people including investigators and children.

Are you keeping your journal?
uhhh yes..........and a very poor one which i why i love writing stories whenever i get mail.

Do you guys walk everywhere you go?
Yes we walk everywhere, except when it is really far in which case we either take a taxi or a mototaxi :) mototaxi's are so much funner and a lot cheaper they are like a mortorcycle that has been modified to have three wheels a cab and a seat that comfortable seats two but they are not much bigger than gocarts and alot of the time i have felt like i am in bumper cars at a theme park it is just so strange!

About how far do you walk each day?
We can walk anywhere from three to four miles with taxis without we would have to walk more like 15-20miles.

Does anyone speak English?
Um there are three north American missionaries so yes! other than that the Latino missionaries are supposed to try and learn English according to PMG. ohh we met a boy about 13 who could speak English and i could barely understand him it sounded so foreign to me. even now it is a struggle to write English as you can probably tell by my very poor typing spelling grammar

How are the shin splints?

How do you get your dear elder letters?
every week the mission office sends a package via bus to Inca and the zone leaders pick it up and deliver it to us during email time!

OK only a half hour left and i have to tell you what has been happening all week! UGH!

OK so exactly one week ago everything started a downward spiral with my companion. Ok so before i start that i should say that my companion is amazing that i love him and he felt like he was under a lot of pressure because i was his first hijo (oh trainers are padres and newbies are hijos) anyways we came and emailed and immediately afterward i asked him how did it go and then i see his face with looks completely grief stricken and he just shakes his head as if to say don't ask ( ok so i think that has to be the hardest thing ever to see because it just breaks your heart) but i gave him a little room as we walked with our entire zone over to a soccer field to play some soccer. well by the time we got there other missionaries had notcied but weren't doing anything. so when a north American missionary (ELDER HALL) came over and asked me how it went i told him everything was great with me but i think something happened with my companion, and that i thought it was family related. well he and his companion went straight into Jesus Christ mode and were comforting and got the zone leaders in on it and after a little bit we all played soccer and i think that helped get my companions mind off of his problem, but when we got back to the apartment and went out to teach i could still tell it was eating him up inside. And what made it worse was the next morning i was completely in full blown illness which was lovely:) anyways we were able to go to the district meeting and talk with all the missionaries again and he got a blessing of comfort from the district leader and me, and then they arranged to have a short intercambia tomorrow anyways when we got back to the apartment i died, i fell on the bed and was immobilized by cramps and escapades to the bathroom which was soo much fun for my companion to be stuck in the apartment with me my stomach and his problem and for about five hours i laid there (oh mini story! while i was laying there i was having some pretty wigged out dreams but one that scared me the most was i was sent home and i was kay with it i felt accomplished that i had done everything i had come to do and was satisfied) so in the midst of feeling this strange feeling of accomplishment and dierreah my companion comes in and says he knows that i am not feeling well and that h has some problems but that we needed to get out of the apartment and serve. and when he said that i immediately started feeling better. Personally i think that god made me sick with the exact intent of forcing my companion to evaluate why he was on a mission and i only had the feeling of accomplishment when he had finally made his choice, but that is just me. anyways we went out that night and committed a family of four to baptism and their friend (FAMILIA VARGAS AND HNA PRIORIA) and that put us on top of the world, but when we asked Jesus (a 8 year old investigator his mom is a nonmember but his grandparents are) if he would be baptised he started a silent cry trying to hold back tears, but he said yes, but personally i think he only said yeas because that is what he thought we wanted to hear so we talked to his grandpa to talk to him about it and that he needs a real desire to be baptised and we left with a very hollow feeling. Well the next day was an exchange and we had a lot of success well me and ELDER QUISPE our district leader which was awesome we only had the opportunity to teach 3 families (OH there is a huge difference between areas of this mission! in poverty in education and in acceptance an i had to learn how to teach to this completely different kind of people!) anyways i was a blast and when we me back up to trade back companions i could tell that my companion was doing a little better but not much but he had committed another man to baptism JOSE VERA which was soo cool! and then we went back and taught and did what we could! the next day however is when it really hit him hard in the face, he hadn't been able to sleep at night at all and he really couldn't function and he ran to the phone and called to zone leaders and said he needed them. They showed up in about an hour and we talked the four of us to try and figure out what to do, it kind of felt like an intervention though with missionary motivating scriptures and that but he needed to talk with the president and over the phone wasn't sufficient, (oh everyone talked with president individually over the phone and this is what president said to me sometimes these things happen when there are problems at home and the family needs someone to confide in they tell their missionary who is powerless to do anything and it putts a lot of pressure and stress on the missionary.) so the president arranged for me to be companions with ELDER ARENAS until Monday night and for ELDER NOVOA to be my companions companion. SO i packed a bag full of ....ahh 2 minutes anyways i have enjoyed being a deputy zone leader! we live on the 5th floor and haven't had the opportunity to get my camera sorry with i could say more bye! love you all!!!!