Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/16/10 - Answered questions........

Did the baptism take place on Saturday? Yes and this is a huge part of the story this week!
more baptism dates set? Yes! Sandra and we are working with an amazing family right now too!
How is the health? Great
have you been able to go another week without being sick? Almost i was a little sick in a San Juakin
Pretty weird to think of Stevie driving huh? Yeah when i left he was soo tiny!
Speaking of books, in your letter you said you had just completed “Jesus the Christ”. What I want to know is if it was in Spanish or English? It was in English! of course the giant English words are a third language for me
Are you just as comfortable speaking Spanish now as you are speaking English? Yes English a Spanish both come naturally and flow fluidly but English is definitely easier!
Or would you rather be speaking English? sometimes i thinks so but not really i am very grateful for the opportunity i have to be speaking another language
So, what is it that you really want from the good ol US of A? or from home? UMM PHOTOS!! GRANOLA!!! LETTERS!!!! and I'm sure Tate is not so big now that he cant fit!
Lance is still in St. George and doing well there. He is enjoying serving there in the Spanish speaking area. OK so you guys really just need to copy and paste his letters into a letter for me every week and the same with Daniel's too! i really would like top hear their experiences! first hand!
I don’t know how I would keep it or post it on your blog!! me neither but i have been just as bad with the video journal as the normal the problem is there really is just no time and as soon as we are done plannings for the next day my brain really just turns off.
That was pretty weird how in that café you were in how everything was being put up on a screen for all to see. Does that happen often? well this is the second time..
Do you always go to the same place to email? yes
Why do you think you were so sick? I was sick because i was eating too much... let me explain here it is the culture to eat a ton of food and during the week we eat with our person and come the end of the week my bowls cant take it and really just hits the get rid of everything button and evertyhing comes out of every possible side.