Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/16/10 - The real news

OK so i actually have a story to tell this week and it starts in San Juakin  during a companion exchange with the zone leaders who i was with in San Juakin and loving life.  We visited a family that i know really well (the family with the lipstick game) and were able to talk with them and I could feel a little bit of sickness coming on so i thought well i might as well taste something sweet so i bought a slice of cake and it was soo good it was the first desert i can normally consider a desert since Arizona! but in the morning i was back in the normal greengo diareah stage and enjoying life. at 12:40 we swapped back and i was once again in San Isidro but our lunch appointment fell through (eating with members not her fault she lives really far away and we couldn't make it in time) because we needed to be in la chirana for a baptism because the investigator asked my companion to do the honors so we arrived exactly on time(3:00pm) but the baptism didn't start until(4:00pm) and we needed to be in our area by 6:00pm so we could baptize our investigator Jose Antonio Garcia Perez (age 23) and we arrived at (5:30pm) so we were frantic trying to clean the church and the room for the baptism and then we had to go and get my white temple pants and give them to Milton Montoya (his friend) to baptize him. well at (6:00) there was another activity in the church where the members cooked deserts presented them and then ate them and we were going to have a baptism in the same church at the same time so i thought great perfect we can have the support of all these people too! well the thing is they wouldn't bother themselves to move one classroom over and give support until the third time we asked and then alot of people just left and about ten came in anyways we were about to start when we realized that we didn't have the clothes for Jose to be baptized and we ran as fast a we could back to our apartment got the clothes and returned and were able to perform the ordinance at about (6:40pm)

OK that is part one

Part two is the day after (Sunday) we had the opportunity to speak during sacrament meeting and i was assigned to speak for ten minutes and my companion 15 about missionary work.  Well as i have been constantly talking about in this area there has been a sufficient lack of enthusiasm or support for new members and for this many people fall away from the church so i was going to direct my talk on this exact topic. well i got up and started talking and really I'm not entirely sure what i said ( the only thing i can compare it to is a blessing one, where it really isn't your words and afterwords you really cant remember what you said but it leaves a lasting impression on the people) well i didn't speak for 10 minutes i spoke for about 35 minutes and my companion said i started off great talking about the difference in culture and then i started beating people across the face with a sledgehammer. And the only reason i stopped was my companion gave me the time out sign which means that we have to stop and go somewhere else so i stopped and sat down.  Later after the meeting my companion said the bishop (behind me) was freaking out that he was sweating and that afterwords he confronted Presidente Gido Pelaiz (assistant to President manning and good friend) about my talk and that a missionary shouldn't talk like that and was really flusters and angry and Presidente Gido said no he said exactly what needed to be said and that he had all the right to say it.

Well needless to say there was a change in program after me my companion was only allowed to bear his testimony and then end the meeting with a hymn. After the meeting everyone i talked to told me that my talk was powerful and that it was hard and that the people needed to hear it and need to wake up and take an active part in missionary work. well i hope with all of my heart and soul that my talk doesn't become just words but that it will motivate people to action!

anyways afterwords i was exhausted and i can only liken it unto moses when he was exhausted after his vision.

oh we also encountered a golden family to replace our golden investigator

LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!