Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day with the missionaries!

So yesterday, I spent some time with the elders on their P-Day.  We went to the Library where they emailed their families and I read a good book.  After which we went to Wal-mart (wali-world), where they did their shopping for the week.  Then I drove them home and went to my orthodontist appointment at Garn and Mason Orthodontics.  After my appoint ment i got another call from the missionaries asking me if I could make a video for them.  I said yes and made a dvd of President Thomas S. Monson's Be of Good Cheer talk he gave during the April 2009 conference.  When they came by to pick it up they had also come with a pair of whit button up shirts so they could complete their one year mark tradition  where they burn their white shirts.  So it was a very good day with the missionaries.,5239,23-1-1032,00.html