Monday, February 22, 2010

Desert Rain

Rain, rain, come today, come today and every day!
There is something wonderful about a desert rain. I almost can't describe it. It could be the fact that it never rains here and it is a nice change from the ordinary, but I doubt it. It could be the fact that for a second everyone pauses and enjoys what is happening around them before they rush off to work, its possible. It could even be the fact that it cleans the air, and refreshes the world bringing new life, most likely.

It could be the smell, that makes me breathe deep and smile. it could be mere sight of how the colors seem to pop out more, the noble gray clouds, the greens plants more full of life. It could be the sound, a hypnotic rhythm of water plummeting from the sky, the deep rolling thunder, and the trickle of water flowing down the street. It could be the taste of catching water in the air on your tongue, a refreshing crisp taste that keeps you full of energy. Or it could be the feel of the water running over your body as you spin in the rain with arms outstretched.

whatever it is, I'm grateful that it is there. I love this wonderful world that god created. I love the summer rain.

Rain, rain, come today, come today and everyday.