Monday, February 22, 2010

Got a Letter From my Mission President!!

Dear Elder Tyler Jesse King,

We are so pleased to know that you have your call is divinely inspired and that you have been called by the Lord and Prophets to the Peru Lima South Mission! We know that your call is divinely inspired and that you have been called to this mission for a very important purpose.

You have been called to a wonderful mission! The Church is very strong and well respected in most parts of the mission.  The Leaders and members are willing to help us find and teach many people the restored gospel.

The Peruvians are a special, chosen people; many are direct descendents of father Lehi and are very interested and receptive to the Book of Mormon. They are kind, humble loving, generous, and many are hungry for the gospel Jesus Christ.

We have great missionaries in the Peru Lima South Mission! They are striving to be exact in their obedience to the covenants they have made with God. We expect you to be an obedient, dedicated missionary.  You are coming to a "Preach My Gospel" mission.  We are incorporating the teachings of Preach My Gospel daily.  We expect that you have been and are carefully studying it every day.

We express to you our love and excitement for you call to serve in one of the greatest missions in the world.  We can't wait to meet you and serve with you!


Roger C. Manning
Mission President
Peru Lima South