Monday, August 29, 2011

8/1/11 Miracle Baptism

oooooook this week has been fun and a little challenging, i promised myself not to write anything negative, but I'm pretty sure i have food poisoning today so if my letter is a little short, just know that I'm passing most of my time in the bathroom today. other than that I'm getting comments that every time people see me I'm a little bit thinner, huh oh well i guess living in a foreign country does that to you. 

OK i want to write about the miracle baptism that we had and maybe one other thing if there is time. OK so we had been working with this family and the 9 year old girl was ready to be baptized with her 17 year old sister and so we put a baptismal date for July 30th, after putting this date a whole bunk of stuff started happening and the 17 year old changed her date to the 27th of August and the nine year olds attitude changed 100% she went from super happy to not smiling for like two weeks and she didn't want to be baptized at all. well we decided to just keep moving along and teach other people. well we were teaching outside of an investigators home and along comes Allison (9 year old girl) and she is beaming and asks us if we will come by her house later that day (Thursday) well we were more curious to see what had changed her mind and attitude than anything else so we decided to stop by for maybe five minutes, well when we got there she threw her arms around us and said i want to be baptized tomorrow! and we talked with her mom and her grandma and they said it was all good and so the first thing we said is can you wait till Saturday when we planned to have your baptism? and she said that that was OK. so in that moment we thought oh crap she needs to have her interview, like now to have enough time to resolve any issues that could come up, so we ran to a payphone and started calling the district leaders pension (where they were eating) and there was no answer, and it was getting kind of late and if we didn't get hold of them she would likely have to wait for the next week, so we started running to the bus stop to take a bus to where our leaders were and take them to her to have the interview, well as smart, or lucky, or miraculous as it was we got a bus in less than 30 seconds and were on our way, but we got off at the wrong stop, 1 too far and so we started running down the street to the corner where we would turn an run two blocks to meet the elders, well we weren't running more than 30 seconds when around the corner come the district leaders! yes awesome! (this was the miracle because if we had gotten off at the right stop, we would have missed them completely!) well she had her interview and passed with flying colors and we were able to have another baptism on Saturday! well the lord has really blessed us with a lot of success in this area, we have scheduled baptisms every Saturday for the next month and we will be baptizing abut 11 people! its amazing to be able to work in such a fruitful part of the lords vineyard.

awesome to hear from you guys, tell shan and kris that living in a mobile home for a while isn't half bad, i was talking with a member and during the first 2 years of their marriage they lived in a tent with a blow up mattress that they had to blow up every night and the mom was pregnant which made everything so much easier.... well kind of.... just remember to count your blessings because you could always have less.

Moms questions
How has your week been? Great! it has been a pretty normal week, still receiving lots of support from the members! had a miracle baptism, and learned alot.

Can you believe he will be 11 years old?? yes mother i can believe that Tate will be 11, he was born 11 years ago. ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATE I LOVE YOU TOO!

Today is transfer day right? yes

Are you staying or going? staying in my area! with my companion!, i think that that is a first in all of my mission! Elder Rodas, in Jose galvez, in villa El Salvador!

Grandmas Question
So do they celebrate Pioneer Day in Peru? no, no they don't, I'm pretty sure that's just a Utah, st David thing. :)