Monday, August 29, 2011

8/22/2011 Who's your neighbor?

Lots of questions this week and i will try and get to them later and answer as many as i can, but first i just want to tell you about an experience that we had this week. We were just leaving our apartment when like the good missionaries we are contacted our neighbor and he accepted to let us visit him, but unlike good missionaries as the week went by we completely forgot who he was and where he lived and so as we did our planning we just kind of skipped over him, because we had other important things to do, but as we were leaving our apartment on the day we had the appointment we both instantly remembered who he was and felt that it was important to go visit him, even though we had planned to do something else, so we quickly adjusted our plans and knocked on his door, I'm sorry to say in this moment the thought passed through my mind he probably isn't there and we should hurry along and help these other people, but he answered and said Elders Ive been waiting for you! i was a little surprised by his response and we went into his house and got to know him, he is 19 years old and has had a rough life recently his father has gotten really sick and he had become really worried and he started to comment to us that he has seen us several times and had always thought, why don't they talk to me? when will it be my chance? and then when we were contacting him he was just started studying and work and when we asked if we could drop by he said no at first, but when we asked again, he said he heard a voice in his head say for god there is always time, so he accepted and had been waiting for us ever since, so we started teaching him and bore our testimonies about the church and he said i know its true! i can feel it, i feel something that I've never felt before, we then encouraged him to read and pray about the book of Mormon and we invited him to be baptized 17 of September and he accepted. i just want to bear my testimony that i know god is preparing people for us and if we are patient and willing to listen to the guidance of the spirit we will be blessed by god to have the chance to help his children.