Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/11 - Shook hands with Elder Neil L. Anderson!!

OK so this week has been awesome, not sure where to start but i think it is appropriate to start with i shook hands with Elder Neil L Anderson. He came to Peru too and three missions of the nine planned a conference where he would be able to speak to the missionaries, and just before it started he said that he would like to shake the hands of every missionary, and i was in the third row and our row was about to go up when we got skipped for some reason and so we waited and waited and waited, and i was the last missionary to be able to shake his hand, so that makes four of the twelve in my short life so far, which means I've got 11 to go! any ways he talked about the 4 things that we need to have to have had success in the mission and they are 1 a testimony of Jesus Christ, 2 a testimony of the restoration 3 a love of the Book of Mormon and New testament, and 4 a love of the spiritual life, which means I've pretty much got what is expected and now i can go above and beyond, but it was really cool.

this week we also had the opportunity to meet a friend/cousin(?) of Rene, have i told your about Rene? anyways we were able to talk with Hector and we started teaching him about Jesus Christ and what he means to us and how we can show our love by keeping his commandments(teachings) and we right there on the spot outside of his house asked him to be baptised and he said yes, because he wants to follow Jesus, it is really amazing how easy the work really is, am i allowed to say that?, we trust in the lord to provided people who are ready and he does, we trust him to give us the words to say and he does, we trust in him in just about everything and everything is provided for us, i think of how in the US alot of times we worry way too much about what to say or what people will think or about maybe putting people off, and maybe that is the most difficult part, but we are promised blessings if we do what is right we are a light on the hill and people see us, they are curious about this light that we have and sometimes we try and make it a smaller than it really is sand say oh well in my church we believe that.... or try and share the gospel in very roundabout ways, and really the best way to help these people is to say I Testify, because i know its true, that .... or to just ask them, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ to be baptized by someone holding the priesthood of god? and if its no, you can ask why and they tell you their doubt their reservation, why they don't want to and we can start helping them in ways that actually make differences. sure maybe we don't open up with that line when we make contacts in the street, but we normally invite people to be baptized in the 1st lesson, so we don't waist our time in going in roundabouts. anyways i think I'm rambling now, elder rodas is awesome, thank you for getting me this info, and the email of Leslie!

Anyways love you all!

Moms Questions

How is your 19 year old neighbor doing now? He is doing awesome, he has been all but completely fellowshiped into the ward and people are asking why we put his baptismal date so far away (Sept 17), because he was really just a huge piece of gold and was really prepared to receive.

Does he live with his father? yes he does, he lives with his mom and dad, and a few little brothers, his family isn't as open as he is but there is still a lot of hope and room for us to talk, the thing is he really doesn't have very much time and when he does his family isn't there, but we are working to bring the whole family into the fold.

Has he received any discussions? yes he has we have taught him just about everything and i think the only one that we haven't discussed fully is the plan of salvation, but that's more just because its a lengthy lesson and he doesn't have a ton of time, and he already knows just about everything about it from studying the pamphlet. (like i said he is golden)

Do I need to contact the scholarship office to see that status of your scholarship? you will probably have to at least call them, I'm not sure if there is another way to find out, but like you said its nothing to worry about because its not like i can do anything about it.

How are you doing? I'm doing amazing!, starting to get into the rhythm of realizing most weeks are hard and we really just need to remember and look for the happy moments.

Dads Questions

What’s new this week? new this week, we where to begin, i shook hands with an apostle?, we met a few new people, mucked out stalls, lots of problems, lots of blessings.

Great story last So how is he doing this week? he is doing amazing, he is all but ready to run to the baptismal font and it is amazing to see the love that he has for the gospel in the little time that he has known it.

Did he make it to church this past week? not only did he make it to church but he is helping us to bring people to church!

Did mom tell you Danny Anderson received his mission call? no she didn't, but that is amazing that he is going to the second best mission the world! to bad he didn't hit the bulls eye of Peru! but that sounds awesome