Monday, August 29, 2011

8/22/2011 Everything has a reason.....

Anyways this week has been really hard but has really help us to learn and grow, we had planned to have the baptism of Rene this Saturday, but he didn't pass his baptismal interview, because just before last Christmas he had smoked marijuana, and as a mission rule we have to wait 1 year from the last time anyone did drugs to be baptized to make sure all the chemicals and urges are under significant control. it was really hard for me to accept this because Rene is just about as repentant and knowledgeable about the gospel as a lot of the members here and he took it a little hard, but we were able to talk with him and he told us that everything has a reason and if he has to wait, at least he will be baptized in the summer when the water will be a little warmer!
other than that our week has been a series of taking members out of their homes and having them introduce us to their neighbors, we got 8 good new investigators and are working hard to help them get ready to be baptized in the coming weeks...

... just got a dear elder letter from... Alma! how cool, cant wait to read it later!... tell him thank you for me!

anyways I'm going to try to send some pictures again so bear with me if this letter is short...

ok we have two pictures of Elder Rodas and a picture of yard work here in PERU!

Moms questions

How has this week been? ooh i really am starting to understand why people don't every say that these are the easiest two years, but we have really been blessed to find a lot of new people to teach.

Do you have the opportunity to go to the temple on your pdays or does your mission set times or days for the elders to go? the mission sets up times and days for the elders to go to the temple, we are given the opportunity to go 1 time every 3 months, which isn't much, but it is awesome, we have the opportunity to go to the temple this Thursday which is amazing!

Tates questions
How are you doing? I'm doing wonderful Tate! i love being a missionary, being in the service of god is awesome! did you know that you can be a missionary too, every time we serve someone we are really serving god, or in other words if we want to serve god, serve others!