Monday, December 19, 2011

12/13/11 - We get to Skype for Christmas!!! Yippy!!!

Moms Questions

Where is your new companion from and what is his name? Jacob Meager from Garland Texas
A male model for Aeropostale???? yes technically a floor model
Serious??? yes
How are you doing? wonderful
Dads Questions
Good morning, how are things in Washington today? very very cold
Did you tell Elder Meager he had better be careful, or he will end up in the emergency room for something? i did tell him a few times
Was that him in the photo you sent? yes that was
How long has he been out? about 8 months
So how come you got kicked out of your old place? his 20 year old single daughter was moving back in
Since you are now living with the other missionaries, does that change the laundry and cooking situation, or does the members still do it for you? no we still have members doing ours but the other elders don't
Were you able to pick up your clothes yet? yes i was i think they still look a little baggy but they a definitely better than before and they look good :)
How do they fit? good just about ad good as clothes normally fit me
That sounds good about Cody and Lisa; do they have a wedding date set up yet? yes, its before the 31st and that's about as specific as they are getting they are still trying to get a marriage licence
Did you meet any new people this week? yes a great couple, Patrick and Marissa we are going to see them later tonight and they are working on getting baptized on January 21st
So how’s the English going? well i still cant spell but i am trying to get used to it
Can you speak it and communicate in it yet? of course it is my native tongue even if i prefer the sound of Spanish
Ha ha, nah is it different teaching in English or do you slip every once in a while and say things in Spanish? i do slip into Spanish quite frequently actually
Have you had a chance to use your Spanish to talk to or teach anybody there? not really there are more islanders and Russians than Spanish speakers
Do they have Spanish speaking missionaries in your mission? of course they do about 3/4ths of the elders speak Spanish just are not being used as Spanish elders.
Kristi's Questions
but we just wanted to see how you're doing in Washington!? its awesome there are some of the greatest people here in Washington but it is super cold!
I have always wanted to go to Washington. are you liking it? ba da duh duh dum I'm lovin it.;)
Cool well sorry i didn't write yesterday i was really really busy and didn't get the chance got some good news though we will be able to use Skype! for Christmas! AHHHH! anyways so i will definitely need you guys to have that turned on on Christmas so that we can talk and maybe even see each other! oh and your email would be good as well or someway to find you guys easy at least.
I did get my bike yesterday and thank you so very very much it is wonderful and it works great.

OK so this week has been crazy even though we didn't have that great of a start, last week on Monday and Tuesday we got zero lessons and i was pretty bummed but then on Wednesday we just caught fire and were able to get 6 people on date and 19 lessons and that was just huge! and it just goes to show that god answers prayers especially since i knew almost nobody in the area when my last companion broke his foot. but I'm doing good cant wait to hear from you guys on Christmas and see how you all are doing. umm i don't really have any stories this week just lots of hard work and diligence and the testimony that i can put with that because it is so huge to just keep pushing even when things seem bleak and that rewards so come as we do what is necessary.

um as far as a story my life is a story and its hard to pick one thing from another but a good experience would just be when we invited amber to be baptized she was sitting down with Cody and Lisa and we were just talking about their plans to be baptized and i think i asked her "what do you think about their decision to be baptized?" (this was the first time i had ever talked to her/seen her for more than 5 seconds) and she said oh we i really want to be baptized! i know its all true. and my heart just soared! and we set up a date and they are working on being baptized in January. just things like that all over the place all through the week and i know that god listens to and answers prayers, I'll work on having a better story for next week but this was just meant to be a quick line anyways because i didn't have the chance yesterday

Love you all!