Monday, December 19, 2011

New companion & area


What were you able to buy? I was able to get everything that I need so don't worry about that, anything helps but between me buying and other elders gifting i have sufficient. ;)
It looked like you went to Nordstrom’s – what did you get there? i think that is where i got a couple of new white shirts that fit me (for the first time in months) and warms winter socks and a suit coat that matched my gray pants.
How many suits do you have with pants to match? OK i have 1 black coat and suit, one charcoal gray pant and suit, 1 black with narrow yellow pinstripe coat, and two other suits that were gifted (they are too big so i will have to get them tailored eventually)
What is your address? um I'm not sure i haven't memorized it yet i will try and get it to you.
Also, did you get a package from Brother Tolman before you left Peru? yes yes i did tell them thank you for me it was awesome!
Sister Palmer had also dropped off a package the week before you left. Did you get that one? yup i got them between the two of them they were really trying to fatten me up ;)
We sent a package last week, did you get it? got that one to, thank you by the way for the scarf Ive used it every day since, walking in the snow gets your neck and face alot colder than you would think.
Where is Elder Rollins from? well i heard wrong last week its actually Elder Rolind, and he is cool, way different than me in just about every way, has a ton of really interesting life stories, i think he has experienced everything except having a family, and dying.
How long has he been serving? 17 months or something like that he goes home in June.
How is it having an American companion? (Something you have never had, if I remember right?) it is really different, but i think that that is mostly for one reason though, he is the only companion that i have had that is bigger than me... physically at least. i think he is like 300lbs he is literally a giant among men, but he has a phobia of midgets, its hilarious. :)   Anyways this week has been great! i have been able to get to know my new area and the people here, they are amazing the members are awesome and very inviting, the ward is super missionary work focused and they are super happy people. I was warned about this area though, that the members love the missionaries a little too much to the point of not liking the rules and they have taken a couple of missionaries to the movies on a couple of occasions. so that will be an interesting challenge that we will have to overcome, be as loving as possible, but not step over the lines drawn in the sand.  But this week we had an amazing spiritual experience our ward mission leader has his assistant sister strange (yes that is her real name) and she was baptized just under a year ago in this ward and ever since then she has been trying to share the gospel with her family and well it hasn't always been received well. the huge problem was her aunt who is very catholic and all of the knowledge her family has of the gospel comes from her, well one of her aunts was sick and going to go through some operations and so sister strange asked her if the elders could give her(not the catholic aunt but another one) a blessing. and she said yes. so we came over at about 7 o'clock and we headed over to her aunts house and it just so happened that her other aunt (the catholic) was there as well. so we went into a brief explanation of blessings and the authority really basic really simple maybe took us 5 min to explain and then we went on with the blessing, my companion anointed and i blessed, and it was a normal blessing and we ended and the aunt receiving the blessing said is that it? wan we said yup, all that is left now is you faith in Christ to be healed.
well as we were focused on the aunt who received the blessing the other aunt took hold of sister strange and pulled her aside and said what was that? and said in all my years of going to church and learning and seeing different things, i have never felt what i felt tonight. and she went with sister strange into the bathroom and from what sister strange told us just bawled and sister strange told her that is what it feels like to be in the presence of the truth and the authority from god.
later sister strange was telling us all super excited that the opposition that comes from her family is like a dragon and that her aunt was the head and if we can take down the head (convert her) then the rest will fall.
anyways i just know that this church is true that it really has the authority of god to perform miracles and change lives and i am so happy to be able to participate in it her in Spokane Washington ;)
lots of love
thank you all for the letters i will try and get back soon.