Monday, December 19, 2011

Love your Neighbor!!

Mom's Questions

Do you get to do that from a members home? We are we will be doing it from the Simpson's home, at least that is what i have heard.
Do you have any idea what time you will be skyping? well our church block is from 9-9:55 so probably around noonish is when i will finally get around to calling ;)
Did you get your package at your apartment last week on Wednesday? I did, thank you so very very much, and i only cheated 1 time. i thought the 11 was a 1, sorry. but I'm loving them all! and I will get around to writing Marlee a special note, i need to make it out to the post office soon
Dads Questions
Howdy, how did Washington treat you this past week? Well not amazing we were sick 4 of the seven days I ended up going stir crazy jut sitting around the apartment all day long but we were able to have a few very powerful lessons and put 3 more people on date bringing the total number of people that i have put on date in the US to 10! just goes to show you that the US has just as much potential as PERU. :)
Do any of them have any children yet? yes actually a lot of them have children but most under the age of 5 but they are so cool and its great to help these new families find direction in their lives and I hope to be able to be there when they get sealed in the temple.... oh yeah they are totally going to make it all the way there ;) i can see it.
Are they older or younger? most of them are younger, mostly in their 20s - 30s, but that's a great age group and one that seems to be able to relate to me pretty darn well so I'm okay with it, they are all children of god and I will lift where I stand.

Wow, not very many questions this week, that's OK i guess, i didn't really write that great of a letter last week so i guess i cant complain. i just always love question and i hope your posting them in my blog, because you never know what kinds of things i may want to try and remember the details of how things actually were and what other people may be interested in knowing (some people may have the same questions as you guys)
Anyways if i get a say in how it all goes together, it would be copy and paste it all into a word document, spell check it and then copy and paste it into the blog. there is nothing that i write that i would mind if someone found so just make it easy on yourselves. :)

cool well it's story time and do i have a story this week, we were having way too much fun being sick all this week, (btw its a real measure of how much someone loves you when they clean up your vomit) but it was all normal gringo things to me so i spent most of the time between throwing up cleaning up my companions barf. but we did get better by Sunday morning and were able to make it to church and to a couple of appointments in the evening one such person is an 18 year old girl named Samantha (no i don't know her last name) oops i need to back up a little, about a week and a half ago we were riding our bikes and i felt impressed to stop and talk with a larger man with two little girls on the street corner and started talking with him. Well his name was Brian and we found out that he was a member and he had with him his two nieces and they are not members well we found out that there mother was but wasn't coming very often and so we took note of their address and of their uncle Brian and set up an appointment and were able to go visit him but the girls weren't there.

anyways so back to this Sunday well we were meeting with Samantha and she is living with some friends (for the last two weeks) and we were able to have a dinner appointment at a members home (so she and the adoptive mother and one of her daughters came to the dinner appointment) and have a lesson afterwards and we really got know her (she is amazing and really funny and is just about as busy and involved in everything as a person possibly can be, just a great all around person) and her family and have an amazing lesson about the book of Mormon and by the end of it the spirit was so very very strong and we were able to invite her to be baptized this next month and she accepted so we set up another appointment for tonight and we are going to see how it goes. also there may be a lot of potential in helping the family she is staying with because only the mother is a member so we may have potentially found a gold mine of good people.

but it hit me later on in the lesson that the daughter looked very familiar and then as we were getting ready to leave i realized that it was Brian's niece and that's when it hit me. the impression to go and talk with Brian on the corner was pretty much telling me that there was someone ready in his immediate circle that was ready to listen to the gospel. and it is true she is so ready to let the savior and his teaching come in to her life and allow his power to heal her of some of the burdens that she has put up with for a long time

I know that our father in heaven loves each and every one of his children and that he is involved in their lives that he wants for what is best for them and is guiding us to be his hands in helping them receive this restored gospel and be alleviated from their sorrows and trials. I love this work and know that it is god that moves it forward.

as put recently "i know the church is true, if it weren't the missionaries would have destroyed it long ago" we are imperfect people called to a perfect cause and we do our best and the lord takes care of the rest.