Monday, December 19, 2011

Always have opposition, but worth it!

11/28/11 Shannon & Kristi

Hows the mission going? amazing! thank you for sending me your address, i wrote it down so i can write you guys a letter so look forward to that coming soon.!
Anything super sweet happen lately? yes lots of candied yams, they were super sweet potatoes.... haha anyways yeah we have had a lot of really cool experiences
Hows the companion? he is really cool to i think that there isn't anything that he hasn't done or hasn't happened to him yet....other than having a kid or dying obviously.
How was your week? it was good, we actually taught a lot of lessons and were able to bet the standards of excellence here in Spokane which is amazing and we were able to put two people on date Cody and Lisa for the 24th of December!
How did you celebrate there? we went to a couple of different houses and ate to the point of exploding!
Any different traditions that you did in Washington that we do not do here in Arizona? not really anything that stood out, just that it seems that we as a family seem to have more traditions than the people here, which is kinda cool.
Anything on your Christmas list you would like? oh i got a few things but most of it is just things i have at home that i now want up here like (my electronic toothbrush, my GPS... I'll think of more as time goes on....)
Any of the rules a little different in Washington than Peru with dress or music? well yup everything is more laid back here basically if it invites the spirit we can listen to it, my companion was listening to phantom of the opera this morning (but for me i think i will stick with things made by the church if you have the primary song Cd's that would be cool just the ones with the accompaniment not the people singing, or hymns without words, you could throw is some motab if you want though, Cd's always work best)
what kinds of music can you listen to? everything, as long as we can justify it by whats in the missionary handbook, I've seen elders take it to the extreme though
Cd’s or a jazz drive with mp3’s, do you have the ability to listen to either? both but Cd's work better for me.
How’s your coat? its good i can get the zipper to work, but that's OK because it buttons up the front as well so don't worry about that.
How’s your feet, boots, galoshes? all i have is really one pair of shoes, i wore a whole through one pair in Peru, i still have them but when there is snow on the ground my toes get wet so i put them up for the winter, i heard that i might need some boots or something to put on my shoes with spikes later on, but I'll play it by ear.
Do you have a beany? i do i also have a hood with a face guard so I'm good on that
Can you where one? yes we can
How is the camera holding out? it is still amazing i was able to get rechargeable batteries for it so its just like a normal camera now so no worries on that front either
Do you need a bike lock for it? i will need a lock for it, i have heard that a lot of bikes get broken and stolen in this mission and so a good lock would be great.
If so a key lock, or combination? i always have preferred key
How is your backpack holding up? great i love it think i always will as long as it holds up forever.
Will it work as you ride a bike or will a side bag work better? to me it sounds like a side bag would get in the way a little more than a back pack while riding a bike
BTW: I'm not sure how huge the emergency is to get me the bike asap, i have heard that it is super hard to ride a bike when there is snow on the ground and my companion prefers walking to riding through the snow, getting shan's bike sounds wonderful and I'm sure that eventually i will need it so thank you very much just get it to me when you can :)
How was your Thanksgiving Day? It was good we were able to eat with a couple of people including a recent convert and spend a good time with a couple of other families. it was a no proselyte day so we couldn't know doors out of respect for other people but we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Good ‘ol American Thanksgiving Turkey? yes it was good 'ol American turkey, but i missed dads special marinade and the deep fried turkey.... oh well just one more Thanksgiving to go!
What size of shirt did you buy at Nordstrom? 16 1/2, and 35 on the sleeves, it is the tailored or slim fit one
What was the brand name? um not sure what brand
Also, what are your mission rules about ties? there are no rules as far as I"ve seen so any ties are good, i don't have any paisley so that would be good, my favorite colors are blue, gray, black, red, green, dark purple...etc
Can you wear any tie? i would say yes, but i don't like the ones with pictures on them so if you got me those i would probably were it like once
Or do they need to be solid or can they have a print on them, do they need to be dark ties? no rules so go for it i would stay away from extreme colors like PINK
Also, can you wear sweaters or sweater vests under your suit coat? yes we can
How is the work going? great we were able to teach a lot of people this week in spite of it being a holiday week and everyone being gone
How is the weather? cold, sometimes windy, but that's OK i here that it sometimes only gets to -20 so no biggy :(
Also, can you tell me about your coat? its good, its definitely getting a lot of use
Is it going to be ok, or will you need another one? yeah its totally fine, but if you feel so inclined i would not reject another one.
How are things progressing there? great we were able to put a few people on date and we are hoping to get something like 6 baptisms on Christmas eve :)
Where is he(companion) from? Danton Texas
Would a heated blanket be a good Christmas gift? I'm plenty warm at night Ive had like 10 blankets gifted to me and being in a heated house alot are not being used.

Ok so first and foremost about two hours ago I took just about all of my clothes to be fitted (none of my shirts, but like four suit coats and six pairs of pants) and the grand total that that will cost is dah ta da da! $468.49! i know completely ridiculous! i was flabbergasted! but i need clothes that fit i cant really walk around like a well dressed gangster with my baggy clothes all bunched up under my belt and coat, so there is that and then his card machine is broke so somehow by Dec 10th (when they will be done at latest according to him I need a check or cash for that) so Merry Christmas Elder King you got clothes that fit of the reasons i don't expect anything for Christmas this year... but with this last purchase i should be good. oh and PS I'm still loosing weight here in the states shockingly enough so that's not going to be an issue i think as a missionary.  Any other business? oh tell Tate that i loved that letter it was amazing and that i wrote him a letter that he should be getting soon. also I'm sorry for the loss in the family, but the name didn't ring a bell so send my regards anyways.  Great to hear from just about all of you this week was good, we were able to meet with some more people this week the experience was with Cody and Lisa, they have been super sick and haven't been able to come to church for the past couple of weeks and when we went over an Tuesday we talked about priesthood and authority and about blessings, well they got really excited and asked for a blessing and so later that week we were able to give them a blessing and the very next day they we healed and blessings started to flow into their lives from all directions and then as they were in the car to go to church they ran out of gas, which was a real testimony that we will always face opposition and have to jump hurdles but that is ok because in the long run it is all worth it, i was just thinking about a Scripture in Romans.... i think 8:14 you'll know its it if it has the work reckon nice Texas word. :)

Anyways i love you guys i know this work is gods work and i am thrill to be able to participate in it. no matter where you are god is the same and he hears his children's prayers, i have seen i think just about everything now but I'm sure god still has a few surprises up his sleeve but I'm ready I know that my redeemer lives and this is his church and nothing will take that testimony away
loves hope to hear back soon
BTW: sorry i will eventually get you guys a picture, i don't have my camera right now and i will eventually get you my address ;)