Monday, December 19, 2011

Faked us out!

Tate's Questions

How are you doing? great even better now that i have heard from you and time is already flying by if it went even faster i wouldn't be able to keep up
How many people have you baptized? not sure anymore i think on the plus side of 15
So what do you do while you’re on your mission? baptize :) and serve alot of people, but we mainly listen to people and help them to know how they can have gods help in their lives.
Shannon's/Kristi's Questions
Anyway, how are you doing?! great
how is it being back in Peru? different and at the same time just like i remembered it
getting your Spanish lingo on? of course, i was just thinking at how big of a miracle it is to have the gift of tongues and how i never imagined being where i am now having long talks and making friends in Spanish
Are you still baptizing pretty much every week? yup pretty much we have over 10 people planned to be baptized between now and Nov 12 2011
how's the investigator hunt going? great the good thing about being a gringo is that nobody ever says no and so we can pretty much enter any house we want with the exception of those that are really anti Mormon.
Do you have really good retention down there after baptism? we that's the huge problem, i haven't had an issue with it with any of my converts, but we find people about every week that were baptized and went for about 6 months and then stopped going for the last 10 years. so yea retention is the killer in Peru
lots of tv and studying... really boring huh?i would say so you guys used to do a ton and now you've succumbed to the hypnotizing effect of tv! beware beware beware! jk just remember to do what is important
I just told Shannon I want us to take our own family Christmas picture to send out to everyone of us in footsie pajamas... what do you think? umm i have no idea where i could possibly find footsie pajamas in Peru so go for it and just crop me in behind you guys in my suit and tie
do you think it's as dumb as Shannon says it is? well...... cough..... no but i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, yes it would be funny, but lets do something nice and not force shan to do it.
Shannon wants to know if you have any idea on when you'll be coming home... like what month and stuff? umm no one is really sure sometime at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013, Ive heard everything from November to January so i come home when they buy me tickets
Dad's Questions
How do Tennis shoe? ........
Has your Spanish taken over that much, it is just a silly way of saying, hello, howdy, how are you doing, what’s new, what’s going on in your life, or how is life treating you? well I'm pretty sure I've never heard that expression ever and yeah I'm pretty much lost in Spanish but good everything is good
Are there any couple missionaries in your area? in my mission yes, have i ever had the opportunity to work with them no
I’m sure there are in your mission, what do they have them do? not sure, they work, and I've heard from other missionaries that they are teaching, but i think the majority of the work is helping out president manning with the missionaries
Mainly work with the members or are they out knocking on doors also? no I'm sure they contact, I've never had to knock doors so i don't think they have to either are you having fun? of course :)
Mom's Questions
You are also coming up on your first summer in how many years? i think 3 or four
Will that be enough for now? yeah for now, i took out 180 last Monday and it got me 500 soles and i will work with that for now if i need more its nice to know that there is another 220 in my account
When do you think you will be going shopping? not sure I'm going to try and just get what i have tailored, but if not there is a sister that makes pants really cheep about 60 soles each (23-25$)
Maybe some now and another $100 in a month or so? nah I'm very careful and i don't carry very much money with me at a time maybe at best 20$
Have you tried using your VISA debit card to get cash? yes i took out money in the bank so everything is working supposedly
Next item of business, maybe you should ask the mission office about your VISA! Is that something we should be concerned about? i doubt it but if they cant get me my visa ill probably just go to another country here in south America like Columbia! woo hoo!
Do they remember that you are there on a tourist VISA? yes but not sure how the whole process works in getting me approved
How did the baptism go on Saturday? hehe long story but it goes something like, we got to the waters edge and she didn't feel good and said she couldn't be baptized while she felt like that and so it didn't happen
Was the water cold this time? nope it was room temperature which is alot warmer than anything we normally have
Did she go all the way under? didn't even put a toe in the water
Were you able to get a picture taken of yourself? nope i forgot, i will try and remember for this next week.
Do you have a CD player? no and here in Lima its a little hard to find one, everyone uses usb and cd players have slots for usb to play music from them
What music do you listen to and do you listen to CD’s? church music and efy music and yes we can use cds
How is the apartment are you living in now? pretty little thing we are thinking about changing locations and living in a whole house with hot water for the same price
Is it pretty nice? yes except for two things sometimes there is not water and there is not enough electricity to have hot water to bath.  Do you do your own laundry and cooking or is that hired out like before? its hired out and we receive a ton of blessings from these people its truly amazing the service they provide for us.

Well that's all the questions and thank you all for writing me! it really is awesome to hear form all of you know what is going on, I love you all, Tate yes i miss you, Kristi i get dibbs on naming the baby Jesus Alexander Alfredo king! or if its a girl Maricela Angelita Sabrina King. how awful am i or what! anyways that is so exciting that you told me before anyone else! and don't worry your studies aren't as important as having a baby, just think of the conference talk this last time that the commandment to multiply and replenish is still in full force and the lord will help and provide a way. :)

anyways now that you've all had a heart attack on behalf of Kristi we're even.

and this week has been so amazing, we were able to visit a ton of people and we are helping a ton of people come back to god.any stories for this week not really yes but not any worth writing about and remembering, just that this week was super stressful, heard about alot of couples breaking up, others having problems, others getting married, and still others getting ready to be baptized. so all in all a good stressful week and now sure i will ever get used to it but its the most fulfilling work there is.

God loves you, i loves you, and hope to hear from you soon!