Monday, December 19, 2011

October 3, 2011
OK, so this week has been really good and we are planning on having a super good week this week too, this Saturday we are planning the baptism of Hna Dominga (she was almost baptized and then didn't go all the way under) so your prayers that everything will go according to plan would be amazing! and her son Juan Jose, he was supposed to be baptized too, but he didn't yet get his answer, and so we delayed it for the next week but while his mom was having her interview we sat and spoke with Juan Jose and then we had the opportunity to kneel down with him and ask god if it was true. and he said that he felt it. well we are still going to work with him this week and the next because we don't want to baptize to baptize but baptize real converts and we want to be super sure that he really has his answer and wasn't just saying that because he felt that he had to. so well see where that goes, but i fell confident that he really felt it and that this next week he will be baptized. :) other than that i love the spirit and how it directs us to speak the exact words that we need to speak so that people can know how to return to god. i love general conference for the exact same reason and how it helps me to come closer to god, a recent thing that we heard from our leaders was that from every conference whether district, zone, multi-zone, ward, stake, or general, if we come away thinking oh that was nice and continue the same as we were before we have been deceive and are in a false sense of security, these people are inspired of god to help us know how we can change and become more like Christ or what more we can do and we should apply it. and then they went into how if we have to justify why we are not doing it we are listening to the voice of the devil. ouch that burned but its true, so my invitation is what can you do better after hearing general conference.

other things:
It would be nice to have access to cash, nobody in Peru works with cards everything is card hold cash and so i will have to take out of my card at the bank and work in cash, because credit doesn't exist and yeah 5-600 would be more than enough thank you! :)
thank you for all you do on my behalf love you all
tell Tate and Aaron i love them and am looking forward to hear from them soon! ;)
oh and Marlee, and Shannon, and Kristi, and ...etc ;)
Dad's Questions

How do Tennis shoe? still have no idea what this means you'll have to explain it to me
What is new in Peru? well general conference was a new experience
So was that a great Conference or what? it was pretty much AMAZING!
Did you get to see all sessions or only priesthood and Sunday? we were able to watch all five sessions which was amazing, i loved elder Hollands in priesthood meeting what did you think about it?
Do you have any good stories or incite I could use in my lesson? well as missionaries we are required to do service every week to serve the people and it is one way that opens the hearts of the people really really fast because they can see our genuine interest and love for them and that is really different to what normally happens and it sparks interest, any specific experience like Ammon, no but i know that heartfelt service is the fastest way to the heart of the people.
By the way how’s your goal at keeping a journal coming, still writing? yeah I'm still writing, its not really a journal of events as much as a book of thoughts and insights, and introspection. more of a look at how I'm changing book than a on this day i did this book.
are you smiling? right now yes, and of course how can we not smile in this work?
Grandma's Questions
How are things going in Peru? great grandma! thanks for writing! things are going great we are visiting a lot of people and helping them to find the truth, we have two ward missionaries in our ward here who are both older than 70, and they are out contacting people! your work in searching for our ancestors is invaluable and i just want to say thank you because i have seen the joy on peoples faces as they accept the gospel and know that our family feels the same way on the other side as we do their work too!
Mom's Questions
How about you? I'm doing good, cant complain about anything really just always have something to do. :)
Were you able to listen to conference and feel of that great spirit? yes it was amazing we had a few harry potter moments because in the Sunday morning session all the north American elders were listening in English in a closet underneath the stairs in the stake center! crazy huh! but it was an amazing conference and i love the feeling of being refreshed afterword to, but it doesn't stop their now we have to apply!
Ally Giles (can’t remember her married name) is expecting a baby! Freaky huh? uh yeah that is super freaky
How long ago was that picture taken? umm beginning of august... i think the 6th about two months ago
I need one for our family Christmas card and would like to have a current picture, please? umm i´ll see what i can do, maybe a Jared picture :)
Can you believe I’m already thinking of Christmas? yes because Christmas starts sooner every year pretty sure eventually it will be Christmas year round, just like Who Ville.
Why have you lost so much weight? um not sure, pretty sure its the curse of Peru!
Is it the walking, diet, diarrhea combination of all or what? I'm going to go with combination of all of the above
Do you feel good? yes i do don't worry its a good thing not a bad thing.
That is exciting about Jessica and her husband. Has he been receptive to the gospel? yeah he is really open too, but he is also the voice of reason in his family which make it amazing!
Did they accept the challenge to be baptized? yes they did we´ll be working with them until 12 Nov 2011!
How is Martin doing? no idea, sounds really bad but we have been super busy and he has been working alot and during this week we haven't had the opportunity to visit him.
Did they find the records for Nefi’s parents? also no idea its not our job and so well know when they tell us
Oh, and how about your VISA? still no idea
What ever happened with your visa? no idea
Did that get taken care of or are you still on a visitor visa? pretty sure I'm still a visitor, i don't have a lot of information on that end of the spectrum.

love you bye!