Monday, December 19, 2011

Another one bites the Dust!

Moms Questions

Do you have an address for me yet? yes long story though and it was a good thing i didn't have an address until today it is 1226 E Rowan, Spokane, WA, zip code no idea 99...something
Shoes with spikes?? yeah their cool, there is no snow right now and no ice but everyone is saying that its coming!
I have never heard of such a thing! Maybe that’s because I live in Arizona…..haha! Which shoes have the hole in the bottom? the ones without the laces
Maybe after we recover from the alterations, you could take those whose and have them resoled? maybe, i think that is going to be a while though and its not a real necessity sine i have my other shoes, let me wear a hole in these ones first. ;)
That way in the spring they (the shoes with a hole) will be ready for wearing? ok give it some time though
Do people seem more receptive to listen to you now that it is the holiday season, or are they just to busy with the hustle, bustle and commercialism? well I'm not sure how they are through the rest of the year its pretty much just been holidays all the time since I've been back ;) but i have not seen a real difference no.
How are your investigators doing? doing great we had a very interesting week and weren't able to work very much, but i have a lot of high hopes for this week.
How is the companion? well this is kinda the question i was waiting for...... he is in Texas....... he kinda broke his ankle
Do you guys live in an apartment or with members? we did live with members but we got kicked out and are living with other missionaries
Are there just the two of you or are there 4 of you in an apartment? there were two now there are four
Are you learning to cook for yourself? not really just cold cereal toast and sandwiches
How is the laundry coming? great still have a member that does those for us.
Now that you get to do all of that yourself, how is it going? good all we have to do is really wash dishes ;) but that's easy.
Do you eat with the members much? every time there is an investigator we can eat with members
How is the ward and area that you are in? its amazing i love it to death, there are some really amazing people out here. 
Dads Questions
Howdy, what’s new this week? well i got a new companion his name is Elder Meager, also from Texas, actually garland, Texas
Can you believe it he (Aaron) will be driving, dating, and blessing the sacrament? not really that is kinda crazy to think about, he is soo young!
So did you get to see the first presidency’s fireside last night? no we weren't able to we went around and visited people
What do most people do there? um there is a college campus not to far away, so there are a ton of students, also a lot of retired people, but there are just a large spread of various jobs
So in this area is it more like here in AZ where the members feed the missionaries every night or just on special occasions? actually we are doing this thing called nativities in the home where the members invite nonmembers to there homes for dinners and a Christmas movie, like joy to the world or something like that. and they invite the missionaries over as well and it is as formal or informal as the members want it to be and as social or doctrinal as they would like but basically they are doing that every night from now until Christmas.
Do you have much time to do things on p-days or too busy doing you laundry that you never had to do before? well it actually depends on the p-day, today we don't have very much time to do like anything.
If so what have you done or seen so far? basically when we do have free time we play basketball at the stake center
You told us you companion is from Texas, and that he has done about everything, but that is still a little veg, was he a green beret or an astronaut, has he climbed mount Everest or even mount Humphries with a 50lb vest? well my old companion has just had a super super hard life, my new companion well he is a male model for areopostale(?)
That is great about Cody and Lisa, how are they doing this week? wonderful, they are super excited to get married and be baptized
Well I need to go, let us know how you are doing? OK right now good, during this last week super stressed, outlook on next week is hope full
How are you feeling? happy, ready to get to work :)
What are you doing (not right now this second, but this past week.)? not much basically trying to get work done in my area
How do you feel about what you are doing? good, i think that this is possibly the most important thing i will be able to do in my life and if I'm not satisfied with my efforts knowing that I've not given my all, then i know where i need to improve, but if i have given my all then I'm just happy well i think the word is actually complacent. 

Ok so you probably are really lost and want to hear all about this week and so i think that I will try and give my best summary of what happened this week, and it all started right after i finished emailing you last Monday. So last Monday we got off of the computers and headed down to the stake center to play basketball (we had a few hours of spare time to relax) and so we headed over there got changed out and started playing some three on three and having a really good light hearted game. then between on of the actual games my companion was doing a little one on one action while we were just watching and the other guy went for a shot and my companion jump up for the rebound, well my companion came down on the outside of his right foot and twisted it to the extreme. as in the bottom of his foot was now facing inward and upward almost staring him in the face. needless to say he started screaming "i broke my foot!" and we were just all in shock for about 2 seconds and them when we looked at his foot we shocked for another 2 seconds, then we called 911 and gave a priesthood blessing and right as we were done the fire department showed up and started pumping pain meds and then the paramedics showed up and took us to the hospital (yes i rode in the ambulance!) and we were set up the trama room and they reset his foot (i have the video) and took a couple of x-rays, well there didn't seem to be any breaks but they think that the foot was just so swollen that it was hiding hairline fractures and a few torn ligaments, so the doctors rapped him up gave him a boot and sent him on his way with a bunch of pain killers and told him to be immobilized for the next three months and he will need to probably get surgery.  So he went home and left me without a companion for the week so i was going from companionship to companionship and trying to work in my area as best as i could, or knew how, and so that was stress full it is definitely harder to worry about an area all by yourself, i don't think i would like to be a single parent that would bee way too much stress. and so this whole week i was living with other elders and then then got kicked out of our old house and got a new companion.... well they are trying to kick me off so that will have to do for now, i will definitely write home all about it when i get the chance, i love you guys hope to hear from you soon, tell grandma i love hearing from her!